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Stipends Solution

Integrated Clinical Trial Payment Software



Pay subjects right from their profile

Pay subjects immediately after their visit. Easily configure automated payments, and add additional payments, all with just a of couple clicks from the subject profile.


Keep track of payments

Because our stipends are directly tied to our Finances module, you will always have up-to-date information on your payment activity and balance.


Easily order more cards

Order cards quickly and securely. Choose to customize your cards with the name of your site and your site's logo.

Between the employee savings and the paper supply cost avoided, we literally come out ahead on a P&L basis. CRIO is not a cost item but a savings generator.

Access clinical trial data anywhere

Your study doesn't stop just because you're out of town or not in a clinic. Our system frees you from the burden of paper binders.
Access source data anytime. Enter progress notes and send "stickies" to your team from home or anywhere else.

You can also call 617-302-9845 to request a demo
  • 80% improved data quality
  • 50% reduced protocol deviations
  • 10% potential revenue increase
  • 2x recruiting prospect pipeline