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Lab Routing Solution

All Your Files in the Same Place


Easily get your files into our system

Scan a file and upload it. Email a file to your specially made CRIO email. Fax in a file. There are many ways to get your files into our system. All of them are intuitive and fast.

Annotate and eSign

Attach a file to a subject. Annotate and e-sign labs and other PDFs. Assign documents to your Investigators to sign off on so you do not have to track them down for a signature; they can sign off wherever and whenever.

Access clinical trial data anywhere

Your study doesn't stop just because you're out of town or not in a clinic. Our system frees you from the burden of paper binders.
Access source data anytime. Enter progress notes and send "stickies" to your team from home or anywhere else.

You can also call 617-302-9845 to request a demo
  • 80% improved data quality
  • 50% reduced protocol deviations
  • 10% potential revenue increase
  • 2x recruiting prospect pipeline